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Asphalt Unlimited was created to help asphalt plant owners/highway contractors with every aspect of their liquid asphalt needs. We work with our partners on pricing, supply, and risk management. From our unique Pricing App to the first-ever Asphalt Financial Hedge, there is no area concerning liquid asphalt where we cannot help lower costs, create better bids, and provide financial peace of mind.

We have created an algorithm (The Synthetic) that was backtested to 13 years of coker values (see chart).  This algorithm was proven to correlate to the coker data with a Pearson correlation value of 0.988041.  If an algorithm correlates that well to past data, it is certainly predictive of future values.  This algorithm provides the basis of our Asphalt Future Pricing App and our Asphalt Financial Hedge.

Crude oil volatility has never been higher than right now and asphalt prices are about to soar, maybe to unseen highs. Let us help manage your risk by applying our wide array of services and new, innovative ideas for asphalt users/producers.

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