A Financial Hedge for Liquid Asphalt

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Business Models

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The Mission

Brian Lawrence created Asphalt Unlimited, LLC to help asphalt plant owners/highway contractors obtain liquid asphalt supply below market values and to assist in limiting exposure risks inherent with crude oil dependent products such as liquid asphalt.  Crude oil volatility has never been higher and asphalt plant owners have never experienced such fluctuations in asphalt prices as are currently being experienced.  Asphalt Unlimited can help manage risks by providing a wide array of services and new, innovative ideas to asphalt plant owners and contractors.

About Brian

Brian has been a Senior Vice-President at C.W. Matthews Contracting for 20 years and Chief Operating Officer for Bright Star Energy for 12 years. He was the sole creator of C.W. Matthews’ liquid asphalt business, which included design and operation of a green field asphalt terminal in Rockmart, Georgia. He has purchased more than 2 million tons of liquid asphalt on a wholesale and retail basis via truck, rail, and brown-water barges. He has also produced more than 260,000 tons of Polymer Modified Asphalt and has bid more than 7,000 asphalt projects.

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