Complete Turnkey Management of Liquid Asphalt Purchasing 
(Wholesale or Retail)

Don’t know where to source asphalt? Do you know we lose sources in the U.S. every year? Do you know if you’re getting a good deal? Should you fill your tanks? If so, when? Make Asphalt Unlimited your Liquid Asphalt Purchasing Agent and we’ll handle all of this for you.

Forward Pricing Consultation/Bidding

You have a large project to bid and you are at 100% risk for the liquid asphalt price over multiple years. You can’t bid extremely high without risking your low-bid status. What do you do? Do you just guess? Download our Future Pricing App (link) from the Apple App Store and subscribe to take the guessing out of it. You can also track future pricing trends over time. We can also help you to financially hedge your asphalt risk.

Physical Brokering (Buying/Selling)

Do you need supply? AU can provide supply if you need it through our network of contacts in the Liquid Asphalt Industry. Do you need to move asphalt or find a spot for purchased asphalt that you can’t currently take? I can find a home for it. AU can also arrange for rail car rental/management.

Terminal Construction Financing

Would you like to build a Liquid Asphalt terminal, but are having trouble obtaining financing? Asphalt Unlimited, LLC can help secure financing for your Asphalt Terminal, tank expansion projects, adding of tanks, and/or Polymer Production Capability. We have a network of investors that are looking for opportunities.

Terminal/Tank Leasing

Do you have a Liquid Asphalt Terminal that you would like to lease or even sell? We can find you a tenant, lease it ourselves or find you a buyer.
Terminal Economics

Asphalt Unlimited has vast experience in calculating construction costs, throughput costs, overhead costs, labor, energy, railroad, dock and other costs associated with constructing and operating a Liquid Asphalt Terminal. We have expertise in economizing layouts and sizing terminals appropriately. The earlier you get us involved in the process, the more money you will save.

Feasibility Studies

We can help you determine whether or not a Liquid Asphalt Terminal makes sense for your business model and market. There are many factors that go into this decision such as: supply, location of supply, freight rates, competition, market health, and potential site locations. All of these factors and more are important to determine before making a decision to build.